We have to realize that our country has too many differences. Ethnic, culture, community and especially religion. As good Indonesian peoples, we have to do important thing. What’s that? We have to keep tolerance with others in this country and must be aware that our country has many differences.

So, it’s important to keep tolerance in the circle of our society, and then each other has freedom to profess and to perform their religion. Talking about Islam, Islam doesn’t force each person to choose Islam to be their religion, because the obligation of Moslems only convey da’wah, not to force convert to Islam.

Let’s see in surah Al-Kafirun verse 6, that says “your religion is your religion, my religion is my religion”. This letter teaches us that every religion has different principles and basic values. So, the differences must be respected, not to disturb each other and not to impose each other.

I have story from my friend. When she wanted to drop in some villages in Bali, suddenly some people of that villages or a villager asked my friend.

Villager : “Are you Moslem?”

My Friend : “Yea, I’m Moslem, what’s wrong?”

Villager : “I’m so sorry, in our village, we don’t allow every Moslem to enter this village, that’s our rule”

My friend was so speechless and too painful to hear that, but she tried to keep cooling down and tried to explain about the real Islam. Fortunately, she has good skill of communicaton, so finally she could get there/drop in to that village.

Look, Bali.. one country with us, and I know the first religion in Bali is Hindu and many western people start there, they may think that Islam always make destruction and bom blast incident and perhaps they remember about bom incident in Bali twelve years ago (2005).

And how about people from other country? What do they think about Islam? (Wallahua’lam). And I think, many kinds of Islam that they don’t know.

So, from this case, we know that how important it is to keep tolerance and try to make a good communicaton with others, so we can get a good relation too, and eradicate the misunderstanding about Islam.

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