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Well, in this section I will talking about motivation, hmmm.. what is it?? The undertitled is “Transforming Problems Into Performance” , and the massive sorry if I make you so confused with this written because I wanna try something different on this my post, hehe.. just keep enjoy!

So, let’s get the point!

Well, we know that the problem is life’s title that’s always avoided by many people. People believe that it’s better if the problem is far from their life. Whereas, the purpose of human life’s to overcome or solve problem. And actually, we can take any lesson from the problems by changing it into performance.

  • The first performance is…… Energy frequency, what is it??

I mean here is high energy action. There’s not many people who are able to connect between the quality and quantity of life problem with the energy frequency. Imitating from energy concept in physics : “if there is a problem in life with low energy frequency and increased to high energy, then.. the human can life free from a problem”. So, when people get a problem, they will have strong energy to walk on life and problems will guide us to think critically and able to solve our problems.

  • And the second performance is try to be happy and keep smile. It’s common right?

When we get a problem don’t show the sad face, otherwise.. show the happy face, just feels like there isn’t problems on your life and  you’ll be fine, but I think it’s so difficult for me, wkwk. Look people who can solve their problem by keeping smile, happy and strong, they will get the amazing work’s result because they have strenght to walk on life.

  • And the last performance is use your hidden potential.

Dig your hidden potential guys.. use your talent and show it to the world if you can do. So, don’t let many problems make you give up and make your life is precarious, because you will never get the opportunity and helper.

“Where there is a will, there is a way”

Arika Khoiriya,

Semarang, 18/04/2017